Trolling Lures for Striped Bass Fishing

Examples of trolling lures for striped bass fishing are shown below.

Deep Diving Swimmers

Mann's Stretch Trolling Lures

Good examples of deep diving trolling plugs are the Mann's Stretch series.
The Stretch 25 is 8 inches long, weighs 2 ounces and will dive to 25+ feet.
The Stretch 30 is 11 inches long, weighs 6 ounces and will dive to 30+ feet. These large profile lures make great imitations of large baitfish like herring or bunker.

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Another deep diving trolling lure is the Bomber. To see the Bomber, and more about Stretch lures, follow this link: Deep Divers.

Umbrella Rigs

Umbrella Rigs

A good example of a Umbrella Rig is the Chesapeake Bay Lures Red Eye.
It comes partially rigged with shad bodies. Add more shad bodies.
The Umbrella Rig emulates a small school of baitfish.

Follow this link yo see a double header caught on a umbrella rig:
Double Header

Bunker Spoons

Bunker Spoon

A good example of a Bunker Spoon is the L.B. Huntington Drone Spoon.
It comes as large as 6 inches long, with a size 12/0 hook.

Tony Maja Bunker Spoons

Tony Maja Bunker Spoon    Tony MajaBunker Spoon

Wide Spoons for Bunker and Butterfish, Narrower Spoons for Herring

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Tube Lures

Tube Lures

Tube Lures are made from surgical tubing or some similar material. Some fishermen add a sand worm to the trailing hook.

Mojo Trolling Rig

The Mojo Rig has been used on the Chesapeake Bay for trolling for striped bass for many years. Recently more fishermen have been using it in the ocean along the East Coast with good results. It catches big bass.

The Mojo Rig is actually quite simple. Just set up to troll a lure, like a large Swim Shad. However add a 3-way swivel about 15 feet ahead of the lure, then add about a 4 ft leader, and attach the Mojo lure.

By itself the Swim Shad will not go deep, but with the heavy Mojo lure added it will go deep. You can catch bass on both the Swim Shad and the Mojo Lure.

The Mojo Lure is a heavy bucktail with the hairs tied forward so that they flare out when trolled. These are large bucktails - 8, 12, 16, 24 and even 32 ounces. Use a weight that will get your rig down near the bottom.

Don't lose lt. Heavy bucktails are costly.

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Maja Magic Mojo

A Maja Magic Mojo uses a Tony Maja Bunker Spoon for the trolled lure, rather than a Swim Shad.