Striped Bass Fishing Photos - 2016

Trout Stocking - New Jersey

Trout Stocking NEW Jersey

In the Spring, before the stripers show up in the ocean, some fishermen fish for trout that have been stocked in freshwater streams and lakes.

Bentley Fly Fishing SUV

Bentley Fly Fishin SUV

This Bentley Bentayga SUV is explicitly outfitted for Fly Fishing. See photo below. Credit - BBC

Bentley Fly Fishing SUV Trunk

Bentley Fly Fishin SUV Trunk

Four fly rods are housed in tubes of linen-stitched saddle leather and concealed under the cargo cover, below which are three cases of burr walnut and saddle. The first is the master tackle station, for the cradling of reels, drakes, vises, and presumably tippets. Next to it is waterproof trunk for the storage of waders and other wet gear; separate leather cases are provided for the stowage of landing nets. A third case is for refreshment, securing Mulliner fine china, "up to three metal flasks", and a food storage compartment.

Trout Ready for Cleaning

Caught Trout

Should one land a prize brown or rainbow, the gutting thereof can be handled cleanly on integrated sill-protection covers.

Mojo Trolling Rig

Mojo Rig

The Mojo Rig is actually quite simple. Just set up to troll a lure, like a large Swim Shad. However add a 3-way swivel about 15 feet ahead of the lure, then add about a 4 ft leader, and attach the Mojo Lure.

You can catch bass on both the Swim Shad and the Mojo Lure.

Mojo Lure

<Mojo Lure

The Mojo Lure is a heavy bucktail with the hairs tied forward so that they flare out when trolled. These are large bucktails - 8, 12, 16, 24 and even 32 ounces. Use a weight that will get your rig down near the bottom.

Maja Magic Mojo

A Maja Magic Mojo uses a Tony Maja Bunker Spoon for the trolled lure, rather than a Swim Shad.

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Snagged Bunker

Snagged Bunker

This bunker was snagged using a bunker snagging rig,

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Striped Bass Blitz NJ - 2016

NJ Striped Bass Blitz

Striped Bass Blitz in New Jersey - 2016. Shoulder to shoulder surfcasters.
- Posted by Rich King - - Photo by Ryan Gee

Pending Delaware State Record Striped Bass


Pending Delaware State Record Striped Bass

On Dec. 4 , 2016, Paul Santa Barbara caught a 64 pound striped bass while trolling a 32-ounce Mojo at Overfalls Shoal in Delaware. The striper was 50 inches long and had a girth of 30 inches. Shown in the photo are the Striped Bass, Paul Santa Barbara (angler) and Kenny Kaiss (net man.)

The fish was weighed in at the Hook'em and Cook'em Bait and Tackle shop in Rehoboth Beach.

Long Island FlyRodders


Long Islanr Flyrodders

River Bay Outfitters fly tying class.

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