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Deep Trolling Lures

Mann's Stretch Series of Trolling Lures

Mann's Stretch Trolling Lures

Mann's Stretch Trolling Lure

About Mann's Stretch Series Trolling Lures

The Mann's Stretch series of deep-diving trolling lures can get down deep to where the stripers are, without the need to use planners, trolling drails, or even lead core or wire line. The lures and associated hardware, including hooks, are strong and durable and can withstand the strain of fishing for and catching saltwater gamefish.

The stretch series of lures come in sizes of Stretch 15, Stretch 25, Stretch 40 etc., where the number after the name is the depth, in feet, that the lure can achieve when trolled.

The lures have a large extended plastic lip on the front that bites into the water and causes the lure to dive. The lure has a slow pulsating action designed to attract striped bass.

Mann's Stretch 25s and 30s are very popular, and effective, for trolling for striped bass in both the Delaware and Chesapeake Bays, and in the nearby ocean.

The Virginia state-record 73-pound striped bass was caught on a Stretch 30 off of Cape Henry on Jan. 23, 2008. To see more about this striper and a photo, follow this Link: 73 Pound Striper.

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Bomber Deep Trolling Lures

Bomber Deep Trolling Lures

Bomber Certifiable Depth Trolling Lure

The Bomber lure has a huge lip, for diving deep. The following table, from Bomber, shows the advertised running depths of these lures.

Bomber Lure Running Depth Table
CD20 CD25 CD30
Line Size 50 lb Braid 50 lb Braid 80 lb Braid
65 ft Drop Back 20 ft Depth 25 ft Depth 30 ft Depth
200 ft Drop Back 36 ft Depth 44 ft Depth 46 ft Depth
Trolling Speed 4-5 Knots 4-5 Knots 4-5 Knots

Two other lures of this type that are reported to work well are the Yo-Zuri Hydro Magnum Deep Diver and the Deep-Diving X-Rap Magnum.