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Book - Casting Into the Light

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Casting into the Light: Tales of a Fishing Life
by Deckle Edge, July 2, 2019

Tales of a champion surfcaster: the education of a young woman hell-bent on following her dream and learning the mysterious and profound sport, and art, of surfcasting, on the island of Martha�s Vineyard.

Janet Messineo knew from the get-go that she wanted to become a great fisherman. She knew she was as capable as any man of catching and landing a huge fish. It took years�and many terrifying nights alone on the beach in complete darkness, in search of a huge creature to pull out of the sea�for her to prove to herself and to the male-dominated fishing community that she could make her dream real.

Messineo writes of the object of her obsession: striped bass and how it can take a lifetime to become a proficient striped bass fisherman; of stripers as nocturnal feeders, hard-fighting, clever fish that under the cover of darkness trap bait against jetties or between fields of large boulders near shorelines, or, once hooked, rub their mouths against the rocks to cut the line.

Book - Seven Miles After Sundown

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Surfcasting for Striped Bass Along the World Famous Cape Cod Canal
by East End Eddie Doherty - 2018

Relive a colorful account of one man's quest in the pursuit of striped bass while surfcasting along the rocky banks of the world famous Cape Cod Canal. The author, a retired Massachusetts District Court Clerk-Magistrate, has been published in newspapers and magazines, but this is his first book. He is extremely grateful to United States Congressman Bill Keating for taking time out of his busy schedule to write the inspiring Foreword. Included are personal stories, humorous anecdotes and breath taking photographs by highly acclaimed and widely renowned photographer John Doble. Enjoy detailed fishing strategies and in depth interviews with some of the legendary anglers who have contributed to making the Canal a well-known surfcaster's paradise.

Book - Striper Pursuit

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Striper Pursuit
Surf Fishing Beyond the Basics
by John Skinner - 2014

From the quiet back bays to the pounding surf, fishing writer and videographer, John Skinner, takes the reader along on a relentless pursuit of striped bass from the shore. With his trademark writing style that makes readers feel as though they're standing at the water's edge, Skinner cuts through the complexity of choosing and presenting the various lure styles while processing the interaction of weather and water conditions that impact baitfish movements and game fish behavior. In portions of the book focused on hunting the largest stripers, Skinner goes beyond the artificials arsenal to take an in-depth look at fishing with live and rigged eels.

Book - Three decades of The Derby

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Three Decades of The Derby
by Ron Domurat - 2014

For almost 70 years the Martha's Vineyard Striped Bass & Bluefish Derby has been an annual celebration of good fishing, good competition and good friendship. Ron Domurat has surfcast his way through more than thirty of them. In Three Decades of the Derby, Ron shares stories about Derby ups and downs, the ones that got away and a few that didn't. But more than that he shares his affection for the 'Derby' and the people he's fished with over the years. A great read for any angler.!

Book - Jersey Surf Diaries

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Jersey Surf Diaries
by Nick Honachefsky - 2014

Experience the strange and fascinating world of surf-fishing from the perspective of a veteran angler. Based on a ten-year compilation of detailed journals, this personal account will take you on an adrenaline-filled trip to key spots along the Jersey coast and teach you the seasonal strategies, best rigs, and most effective methods for bass, blues, weakfish, sharks, and more.

Book - Hooked

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Hooked, Fishing Stories
From The Surf
by Zeno Hromin - 2012

Hooked is a collection of surf fishing stories that prove that having a memoriable time on the beach is about more than catching fish.

Book - The Complete Guide to Surfcasting

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The Complete Guide to Surfcasting
by Joe Cermele - 2011

A truly complete guide to this most popular form of saltwater fishing, covering tackle, technique, equipment, species, baits & lures and much more, covering all US coasts.

The book includes 250 photographs and illustrations and can help the recreational fisherman fish like a pro.

Book - Secrets of Surf fishing at Night

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Bright Waters, Shining Tides
by Kib Bramhall - 2011

Kib Bramhall is known for three things: painting, fishing, and writing. He is a world-class fisherman who is also a well-known painter. He lives on Martha's Vineyard, where it's hard to tell what he's best known for. But Bright Waters, Shining Tides makes use of all three talents, as Bramhall writes about fishing and illustrates his book with some of his own beautiful paintings.

Book - Surfcaster: The Ultimate Surf Fishing Guide

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Surfcaster: The Ultimate Surf Fishing Guide - 2011
by William A. "Doc" Muller

Surfcaster, The Ultimate Surf Fishing Guide is William A. "Doc" Muller most comprehensive surf fishing book to date. The book begins with the history of the sport from the mid 1800s right up to the new millennium, gets the beginner started with a few nitty-gritty down-to-earth chapters on how to get started complete with tackle suggestions and estimated costs. But
that's just the beginning. Other chapters discuss understanding different beach venues from the ocean to the bays, casting and retrieving techniques, knots and leaders, six detailed chapters on lures that catch fish, catch and release, four wheel drive vehicles, bait fishing techniques, the pros and cons of joining a surf club, and setting up a productive strategy for consistent success.

Book - Montauk Confidential: A Fisherman's Memoir

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Montauk Confidential:
A Fisherman's Memoir
by Paul Melnyk - 2011

Like the cowboys of the old west, the Montauk surfcasters are a breed apart. In a class of his own, Paul Melnyk, the nationally renowned fisherman and originator of the surfcasting technique known as Skishing, includes in his memoir the mischievous, risky foibles of his fascinating youth which created the beginnings of his well worn exciting path of living on the edge. Whether treking through the secluded trails and glens of Montauk's hinterland or rolling on the breakers with his rod and reel hooking a fat striper, Melnyk cranks it all up here in his memoir with rich tales that not only explain the mystique of the Montauk surf scene, but personifies it.

Book - Secrets of Surf fishing at Night

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Secrets of Surf Fishing at Night
by William A. Muller - 2010

The first book about night surf fishing, and only book devoted exclusively to night surf fishing, is back! This updated edition includes new information, new photos, and discussions about new products. It includes Al Bentsen's chapters on rigging and using rigged eels, Fred Golofaro's chapter on how to fish with live eels, Roger Martin's insight into how to handle night surf fishing safely, and lots of updated chapters by
William "Doc" Muller.

Book - Surf Fishing

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Surf Fishing - 2010
by Vlad Evanoff

Of all the different kinds of salt-water fishing the most difficult is surf fishing. It requires more skill, experience, and knowledge than almost any other type. It takes a great deal of time and effort to become a skilled surf angler. Many beginners become discouraged when they find that it takes years to acquire the technique necessary to surf fishing, but it doesn't have to be that way, when you have the kind of knowledge you can access in this guide. The purpose of this book is to cover surf fishing broadly and at the same time to
bring out those small details which are often overlooked in most written material on the subject.

Book, Season on the Edge

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A Season on the Edge
by John Skinner - 2009

From the first signs of life in the backwaters of the South Shore on an April night, to the year's last push of big stripers along the ocean beaches in early December, A Season on the Edge chronicles a season of surfcasting from the shores of Long Island. The season is woven together from a collection of stories culled from the author's logs and told in the order of a seasonal progression.

Book, Striper Tales

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Striper Tales
by DJ Muller - 2009

Striper Tales is a collection of surfcasting stories by DJ Muller.

Book - Striper Strategies

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Striper Strategies - Surfcasting Methods for Catching Striped Bass
by D. H. Muller - 2008

D. H. Muller fishes for striped bass in his home waters of New Jersey, at Montauk, at Cape Cod and numerous other spots along the east coast.

He is expert at catching stripers from the surf, and in this book he shows you the special techniques, tactics and strategies that bring him success.

Book - Bass From the Beach Vol ll

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Bass From The Beach, Volume ll
by Tim Coleman - 2008

Bass From The Beach Volume II details techniques and strategies related to surfcasting for striped bass. Bass From The Beach is a how-to, but not a basic one. This is a book that everyone can learn from. Tim relays his proven style of fishing. You will walk away with an intimate analysis of how a veteran approaches the sport. Tim writes about fishing the seasons, using eels, wooden lures and soft plastic baits. There is also a chapter on fishing Block Island for trophy striped bass in the 1980's one of the sport's most exciting eras.

Book - The Hunt for Big Stripers

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The Hunt For Big Stripers
by Zeno Hromin - 2008

Every surfcaster, from seasoned veteran to novice, dreams about catching a big striped bass. Here is a book that will help you do just that. Veteran surfcaster Zeno Hromin shares his strategies and techniques when targeting big stripers. In addition to his own thoughts, he has assembled a cast consisting of some of today's finest Northeast surfcasters. These very successful big fish hunters share their secrets for catching that striper of your dreams. From advice on which moon or tide period is most productive when targeting big fish, to a discussion on gear choices which will help you stay out of harm's way on the rocks, this book covers it all.

Book - The Big One

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The Big One
by David Kinney - 2009

David Kinney's "The Big One" tells the story of a bunch of hardcore anglers during the 62nd annual Martha's Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby contest. Throughout the September and October contest, Mr. Kinney, a Pulitzer prize-winning Philadelphia journalist and Haddonfield, NJ resident, traveled on the shore and the water documenting the drama of the most celebrated fishing contest on the East Coast and that pays a $30,000 grand prize.

Grown men have cried over the derby. They
have ignored their wives for week after week, sleepwalked through work day after day, stayed up all night long, skipped out on their jobs altogether, drawn unemployment, burned through every last day of their vacation time, downed NoDoz and Red Bull and God knows what else. They have spied on their rivals and lied to their friends. They have told off strangers and cheated like lowlife bums.

Book - Striper Chronicles

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Striper Chronicles: East Coast Surf Fishing Legends & Adventures
by Leo N. Orsi, Jr. - 2008

Experience the salt-water fishing experience that is part of every
New Englander's dream.

Book - The Complete Book of Surf Fishing

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The Complete Book of Surf Fishing
by Capt. Al Ristori - 2008

Fishing from beach or rocky coastline presents challenges not faced by anglers who head out to sea. Written to open new frontiers to the old hand and provide advice to novice surf fishermen, The Complete Book of Surf Fishing will be a boon to all coastline anglers. Author and licensed charter captain Al Ristori covers the basics of traditional surfcasting, with well-illustrated instruction on casting big rods in big water.

Book - The Art of Surfcasting Lures

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The Art of Surfcasting Lures
by Zeno Hromin - 2007

Here is a book that will be considered the ultimate guide to surf fishing with lures for years to come. The first half of the book is loaded with information on gear, structure, tide, winds and moon periods. Additional chapters cover baitfish profiles, fishing strategies and what goes into a surfcaster's decision making process when selecting a lure and presenting it to structure. This book leaves no stone unturned. In more detail then ever before found in one publication, veteran surfcaster Zeno Hromin covers every type of situation surfcasters might find themselves in and presents the best strategies to succeed.

Book - A Season on the Edge

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A Season on the Edge
by John Skinner - 2008

From the first signs of life in the backwaters of the South Shore on an April night, to the year's last push of big stripers along the ocean beaches in early December, A Season on the Edge chronicles a season of surfcasting from the shores of Long Island. The season is woven together from a collection of stories culled from the author's logs and told in the order of a seasonal progression. These stories draw the reader into the experiences and the atmosphere of each trip, and are told with a level of detail that presents useful techniques and strategies that can be applied anywhere along the striper coast.

Book - The Surfcasters Guide

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The Surfcaster's Guide to the Striper Coast
by D.H. Muller - 2007

A comprehensive guide to surfcasting for striped bass from Maine to the Outer Banks. The Book stresses tackle, techniques, strategies, finding fish, and specific fishing locations.

It is very well written and easy to read.

Book - ON The Run

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On The Run
by David DiBenedetto - 2003

The author takes three months off from work during 2001 and fishes the fall migration of striped bass from Bath, Maine on the Kennebec River to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. On the way he visits many interesting places and meets lots of colorful characters. He also catches many striped bass.

Reviews of this book all give it 4 stars.

Book - Night Tides

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Night Tides - The Striper Fishing Legend of Billy The Greek
by Michael G. Cinquemani - 2002

Night Tides reveals the untold story of Billy (The Greek) Legakis, one of Long Island's most controversial, eccentric and incredibly successful striped bass fishermen. It shadows The Greek in riveting detail throughout his range of surf, boat and bridge fishing on Long Island's South Shore, dramatically revealing the magnificence of a fish and the beauty of its endangered environment.

Many of the stories and experiences contained
in Mike Cinquemani's book have become legend and lore of many of the old time fishermen that spin tales in the off-season at any of the tackle shops that dot Long Island.

Book - Surf Fishing the Atlantic Coast

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The Ultimate Guide to Striped Bass Fishing
by Eric Burnley - 2006

In The Ultimate Guide to Striped Bass Fishing, noted angler and fishing author Eric Burnley has compiled everything anyone needs to know to be successful at catching this wonderful fish. Burnley begins by explaining the striper's biology and its life cycle, its migratory patterns up and down the seacoast, the baitfish and other foods it prefers, and the underwater structures anglers must learn about to find the big fish, the ones breaking thirty or forty pounds. He then addresses, in exacting detail, every possible way the sport angler can catch stripers.

With comprehensive, easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions, and dozens of clear illustrations, this book is the first place striped-bass anglers should look for advice that will reward them with great catches and great memories.

Book - Reading The Water

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Reading The Water
by Robert Post - 2004

A collection of tales from the fishermen of Martha's Vineyard that mixes practical and sound advice with exciting true stories.

The surf fishermen of Martha's Vineyard are the heroes of this collection. Brought together by a longtime Vineyard fisherman, these colorful men and women offer advice, insight, and the inevitable tall tales.

While the romance and excitement of the hunt is at the core of these tales, there is practical information to be gained - about the subtleties of tide and current, the phase of the moon, the direction of the wind, the best baits and lures. It's a stirring testament to one of the most delightful corners of angling, in one of its richest locales.

Book - Ultimate Guide to Surf Casting

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Ultimate Guide to Surfcasting
by Ron Arra - 2001

Casting distance is the key to successful surf fishing. In The Ultimate Guide to Surfcasting, Ron Arra - five-time winner of the United States surfcasting championship - reveals the techniques that made him a casting champion, and explains how to apply these skills under genuine fishing conditions on the beach, as well as on the tournament field. Arra fully explains techniques for the off-the-beach cast, the overhead beach cast, the modified pendulum cast, the light-tackle cast, and many more.

Ron Arra is the first person in America to cast more than 700 feet and was also the first person to cast nearly 800 feet across the Cape Cod Canal in 1989.

Book - Striper Surf

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Striper Surf
by Frank Daignault - 1996

This how-to book on surf fishing for striped bass covers everything from choosing the correct equipment to finding these feisty fish. Featured is information on the history of striper fishing, how to be successful (and safe) fishing at night, and sure-fire baiting techniques.

Book - The Trophy Striper

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The Trophy Striper
by Frank Daignault - 1999

This book concentrates on how to catch those big "Moby" stripers from the surf, and in the process become a member of the 50 Pounders Club. The book has a good section on the politics of striped-bass management.

Book - Eastern Tides

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Eastern Tide: A Surfcaster's Life
by Frank Daignault - 2004

The herds of striped bass that run along Cape Cod every summer have been a mainstay of commercial fishermen along the Northeast coast, as well as a lure for sporting fishermen. A machinist turned vocational teacher, Daignault was so taken with the sport he made a sort of vagabond family occupation out of school vacations, fishing the years of striper plenty in the 1960s and '70s from the beaches of southern Massachusetts. Casting single lines for fish from the shore through the night, Daignault, his wife and daughters worked 20-foot rods to catch striper bass that ran as large as five feet and weighed 50 pounds, often gathering 500 pounds of fish in a night.

Book - The Compleat Surfcaster

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The Compleat Surfcaster
by C. Boyd Pfeiffer - 1996

The Compleat Surfcaster has everything the beginning angler needs to know for more productive surfcasting - and even experienced surf fishermen will find an invaluable resource in this concise and authoritative book. Beginning with a thorough review of tackle, rigs, baits, lures, and accessories, The Compleat Surfcaster teaches the fisherman better casting methods for distance and accuracy and "reading the surf" techniques for finding more fish.

Book - The Surfcasters Guide to Baits, Rigs & Lures

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The Surfcasters Guide to Bait, Rigs & Lures
by Milt Rosko - 2004

This book details everything the surfcaster needs to know about plugs, metal, live bait and other rigs, with clear advice about when and how to use them.

Book - Surf Fishing, Interview withthe Experts

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Surf Fishing, Interviews with the Experts (Kindle Edition)
by Zeno Hromin - 2012

This is a series of interviews with some of Long Island's best surfcasters on how they get ready for the particular month in a season. What goes thru their minds in anticipation, what is their plan of action, and of course where do they fish that particular month, and why.

Book - Atlantic Surf Fishing

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Atlantic Surf Fishing
by Lester C. Boyd - 1982

Review. I have read this book several times over. It has one of best descripitions about the surf fishing. The author go into great detail on how to surf fish and where to surf fish. I have read it a many a cold night in the winter thinking about fishing. The aurthor puts the reader right into surf as if you were their.


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