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DVD - Complete Cast

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DVD - The Complete Cast- Applying Principles to Fresh & Saltwater Casting
by Lefty Kreh & Ed Jaworski

Looking to improve your fly casting and fishing game? Need to break that nasty tailing loop habit? Look no further, TFO has assembled two of the legends of the sport to bring you "The Complete Cast", a 13-part series, produced by Temple Fork Outfitters and filmed by Bloomfield Knoble, that some have deemed the premier casting video ever to be created, with possibly the finest breakdown of casting failures and successes in a video format. Over three hours of instruction from legendary fishermen Lefty Kreh and Ed Jaworowski will demonstrate, explain, and teach the elements common to all casts with a single-handed rod. Together they break down the most common faults in fly casting and teach you how to improve your skill set.

DVD - Fly Fisherman Saltwaer Fly Tying

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DVD - Fly Fisherman Saltwater Fly Tying
by Charlie Craven - 2014

Fly Fishing Favorite Saltwater Patterns Fishing DVD feat Charlie Craven 2-Disc Set ~ Fly Fisherman Charlie Craven shows how to tie the Tarpon Toad, Ragin' Craven, EP Minnow, Bob's Banger, the Half & Half, Sea Habit, Bonefish Junk, Supreme Hair Shrimp, and the Surf Candy. Saltwater tiers will learn how to use Clear Cure Goo instead of epoxy, and learn the techniques needed to make a large range of saltwater flies. Runtime: 135 Minutes.

DVD - Montauk Rocks

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DVD - Montauk Rocks DVD
- A Richard Siberry Film
by Oscar Films - 2012

Five years in the making, at a cost of one drowned camera, one almost drowned cameraman, one blown transmission and two broken ribs. To many, the east end of New Yorks' Long Island is simply the legendary summer home of the worlds' elite, and those who aspire to be. As summer draws to a close however, and both the leaves and the mercury start to fall, those who came east to be seen are replaced by the legions who come to disappear into the night, and into the rocks, in pursuit of a trophy striped bass, and an even bigger fish tale. Richard Siberry's "Montauk Rocks" is a wild ride, an immersive experience, without getting wet, in Montauk's legendary fall run fishery. From past to present, the unique personalities who helped Montauk become, and remain, the undisputed "Surfcasting Capital of the World" give insight into what makes Montauk such a special place.

DVD - The Compleat Clouser Minnow

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DVD - The Compleat
Clouser Minnow
by Bob Clouser - 2010

Tutorial DVD. Play on any regular DVD player worldwide (recommended) or CD-ROM. Run time 90 minutes Learn how the "deep minnow" was conceived, tested & refined. Tying & fishing the basic Clouser including material, tools & techniques. Also learn to tie the Rattling & Wobble-tail Clouser This DVD will teach you the intricacies of tying and fishing the world's most popular fly pattern. Hosted by legendary
fly fisherman Bob Clouser. You'll learn about
the varied materials and techniques Bob uses, and most importantly, how to effectively fish this fly.

Tying Flies That Catch Fish

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DVD - Tying Flies That Catch Fish with
Lefty Kreh & Bob Clouser - 2007

Learn from the masters!

Lefty Kreh and Bob Clouser have over 100 years of combined fly tying experience which they have shared over the years in books and videos. One day I asked them "what their favorite flies were?" The reply was simple, "the ones that catch fish!" This DVD contains instructions for tying 10 of the best flies for salt or fresh water fishing in the world. In different sizes and colors, these flies will work for virtually every species that swims. Enjoy!

DVD - Bass The Movie

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Bass - The Movie!
by Jamie Howard - 2010

Bass - The Movie! Howard Films went on a road trip for America's most infamous underwater creature: The Largemouth Bass. We wanted to see this fish up close & personal. So, we did a lot of research and found the ultimate place to start our journey. The home of many of the heaviest bass ever caught on earth: the hills of Southern California. (Our anglers had fished all over the world, and their hands were shaking after the first day from what they saw.) It's not every day one finds surfers and Pacific Ocean waves on the way to a Bass honey hole. Fly rods compete against the spin rods, with some pretty entertaining results. The scenery is ridiculous!

DVD - Fish The Surf

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DVD - Fish The Surf - A Complete Guide
with Lee Sampson - 2008

The sea has always welcomed us, and the world of fishing has always been part of her bounty. For the novice, the family, or the experienced fisherman, there's always more to learn! Join Lee Samson as he leads us from the water to the table! Chapters include: Nature's Edges The Gear Rigs and Knots The Bait The Cast and Retrieve The Catch Cleaning, Storing, Cooking.

Lefty Kreh on Fly Casting

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DVD - Lefty Kreh on Fly Casting

Lefty explains and shows the mechanics of properly fly casting with simple fluid motions. He covers the fundamentals and principles of fly casting. Lefty's video is very straightforward and clear. Although Lefty demonstrates fly casting on a freshwater pond, the techniques he teaches also apply to fly casting on saltwater.

The Kayak Fishing Video

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DVD - The Kayak Fishing Video - 2003
Starring Dennis Spike Directed by Howard Rose

Dennis Spike has created an excellent resource for kayak fishing in "The Kayak Fishing Video." It is well produced with on-water and under-water photography, close up detail shots, and descriptive footage of basic techniques. Dennis has a clear delivery of simple instruction for the kayak angler. The tips and techniques offered here will start any new kayak fisher on their way and reinforce to those "old salts" things that they may have forgotten. In addition to the instruction there is exciting fish fighting video footage at the end, the desert, so to speak, of the hearty meal of info.

Monster Stripers

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DVD - Monster Stripers

This DVD is about catching freshwater striped bass, big ones and many of them.

Over two hours of non stop striper action, tips and techniques. See 31 monster stripers mostly between 30 and 50 pounds. Follow Tim Adrien and 12 fellow anglers across the southeast in pursuit of giant freshwater stripers.

Techniques for Tying Salwater Flies

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Video (VHS) - Techniques for Tying Saltwater Flies
by A.K. Best

A.K Best demonstrates tying nine saltwater fly patterns. Five of them are bonefish flies and four tarpon flies. One of the bonefish flies is the Lefty's Deceiver and some of the other flies use dumbell eyes like the Clouser.

In his demonstration of tying the Deceiver, A.K. flares out pairs of wing feathers. A Deceiver fly tied this way is usually called a Flat Wing Deceiver.

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