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Book - Fishing for Summer Flounder

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Fishing for Summer Flounder
by - John Skinner - 2016

Whether you call them fluke or flounder, they're challenging, fun to catch, and among the best eating fish that inhabit the waters along the East Coast and Gulf States. From the beach and bays to the ocean depths, fishing writer and videographer, John Skinner, takes the reader along in pursuit of these fish from boat, shore, and kayak.

Book - Flounder Bytes>

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Flounder Bytes
by - Ronald Tracy - 2014

Let me start by saying, I was excited to write this book because it involves the tactics and techniques that I and my friends use to catch flounder. I try to keep the information as simple and practical as possible so anyone can understand and use it when they go fishing. I asked some very knowledgeable captains if they would share what they do to catch these fish consistently and share their tips inside the book with you in no nonsense, practical way. As a bonus, (because I want you to be successful at catching fish.)

Book - Flounder

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Flounder Fishing Tactics and Techniques
by - Keith Kaufman - 2012

Want to know how the pros go after flounder-AKA fluke? This is the book for you. Tackle, tactics, and techniques of the masters are exposed in this one-of-a-kind how-to fishing book. Learn how, when, and where you can boost your catch rate. Examine drift fishing, trolling, jigging, and several secret techniques. Explore how and when to choose one type of bait over another, the most effective lures in each fishing situation, and top flounder hotspots.

Book - Fluke: An Anglers Guide

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Fluke: An Anglers Guide
by - Bob Sampson - 2005

This book covers tackle, technique, baits and lures for catching fluke in bays, from boats and in the surf.

Book - Blues

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Blues by - John Hersey - 1988

The pleasures of a summer's bluefishing off Martha's Vineyard are marvelously evoked as John Hersey reflects upon the angler's art, wonders of the teeming oceans where fish and fisherman confront each other, and the web of interdependence they share. 14 drawings.


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