Surf Fishing For Striped Bass in California

Striped Bass Surf Fishing

California Striped Bass spend most of the time in the San Francisco Bay/ Delta Sytem, however after spawning in the spring they move out into the Pacific Ocean.

They travel as far south as Monterey Bay and as far north as Point Reyes. Then they can be caught along the California beaches by surf fishermen during the summer months.

California Beach Surf Fisherman with Striper

Ricardo's Striper

The striper shown at the right was caught from a San Francisco beach within sight of the Golden Gate Bridge.

My son is now living in Santa Cruz and fishes the beaches just to the south near Capitola, which is on Monterey Bay.

Surf fishermen there look for signs of fish feeding, like birds working. Stripers often chase bait, sometimes anchovies, right in close to the shore and within range of surfcasters. The fish move along the beach and the surf fishermen have to move with them.

Best lures to use include Diawa SP Minnows, Kastmasters with hair, Bucktail Jigs and Pencil Poppers.

Pacific Ocean temperatures are somewhat cold so its best to use a pair of waders to fish the surf.

SurfFishing at Sunset in California

Surf Fishing for Striped Bass at Sunset on a California Beach.


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