Tuffleye Acrylic Resin for Fly Tying

Tuffleye is a light-cured clear acrylic resin that doesn't harden until you you bathe it in a specific blue light. With Tuffleye you have lots of time to shape and smooth the material before you shine the blue light on it that causes it to harden. Once it hardens it is clear and tough. It also won't yellow with time, as does epoxy. It is now considered a superior material to epoxy, for tying shaped flies like surf candies.


Tuffleye Acrylic Resin.

Tuffleye Acrylic Resin

Tuffleye comes in two viscosities. Core, which is thick, and Finish , which is slightly thinner. When using Tuffleye, squeeze the material from the applicator onto the fly. Then shape and smooth it to your liking. Then cure the material by shining a special blue flashlight on it for about fifteen seconds.


Applying and Curing Tuffleye.


Fly Tied Using Tuffleye


This Surf Candy fly was tied by Bob Popovic using Tuffleye.

Tuffleye is offered by Wet A Hook Technologies, of San Antonio, Texas. The photos on this page are from their website:

An excellent article about tying flies with Tuffleye, written by David Klusmeyer, appeared in the Spring issue of Fly Tyer magazine.

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