Cape Cod - Striped Bass Fishing

Cape Cod

Cape Cod as seen from space.

Cape Cod

Cape Cod is a bent-arm-shaped peninsula that extends out into the Atlantic Ocean which forms the easternmost portion of the State of Massachusetts, and the Northeastern United States. The Cape wraps around a body of water that is named "Cape Cod Bay."

Cape Cod National Seashore

Cape Cod National Seashore

Tom Tophams Striper

My wife's grandfather caught this
striper at Truro Beach in 1951.

The waters around the Cape are known for striped bass fishing, and some of the largest striped bass have been caught there. These include numerous 70 pounders. Striped bass migrating north in the spring and south in the fall must go around the cape, or take a short cut through the Cape Cod Canal. Many take the long way and provide some of the best striped-bass fishing in the world.

The outer beaches from Race Point at Provincetown to Chatam, which include the Cape Cod National Seashore, provide many miles of prime striper territory. These include the beautiful Truro and Nauset Beaches and Chatam Inlet. On the Bay side there are also many great spots, including Herring Cove, and Barnstable Harbor.

Frank Daignault suggests Race Point, The Traps, Second Rip, the Ranger Station and High Head as hot spots for striped bass fishing at Provincetown.

Tony Stetzko takes many of the striper fishermen he guides to Nauset Beach, near Orleans, where he once caught a 73 pounder.

Trolling for stripers with bunker spoons and tube and worms is popular in Cape Cod Bay out of Barnstable Harbor.

One of the best place to fish for striper from a boat is around Monomy Island, out of Chatham and Stage Harbor.

The striper fishing is good in the spring and fall, with the best times being from right after Labor Day and continuing through October.

Although you can catch stripers during the day or night, more and bigger fish are caught at night. The stripers come in close to the beaches to feed under the cover of darkness.


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