Striped Bass Fishing Photos - 2011

Fluke/Summer Flounder


What do striped bass fishermen in NJ and LI do in the summer, when most of the stripers are further north? They fish for Fluke.
Photo credit - Dale Gerhard, Atlantic City Press

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Yellow Perch

Yellow Perch

What do striped bass fishermen do in the wintertime? They fish for
Yellow Perch, sometimes through the ice. Photo credit - MDNR

Greg Myerson

81 Pound Striper

The new world record striped bass was caught on the night of August 4, 2011 in Connecticut waters. The striper was boated by Greg Myerson and weighed in at 81.88 pounds, which edges out the previous record of 78.8 pounds caught in 1982.

Myerson caught his huge striper drifting a live eel near a submerged boulder, near the Outer Southwest Reef off the coast of Westbrook, Connecticut. His striper measured 54 inches in length.

Greg Myerson said he's sorry to take the striped bass world-record from Atlantic City, but he is happy to have it in Westbrook, Connecticut.

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Holgate - LBI

Entrance to the beach at Holgate LBI, NJ. Holgate is at the southern end
of LBI.

Pete Beard and His Striped Bass

Pete Beard and his striped bass

Pete Beard caught this striped bass in the Cape Cod Canal. He is taking it home on his bicycle. Photo credit - Surfland Bait & Tackle.

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Black Friday Boats

Black Friday Boats at IBSP

On Thanksgiving Day, 2011 the, striper bite was on in the waters around Island Beach State Park, NJ. Headboats that usually stay out until 2.00 PM came in at 10:AM, as everyone had caught their limit. The word soon got out. The next day, Black Friday, the ladies all went shopping. The men went fishing. The waters around IBSP were super crowded with boats.

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