Striped Bass Fiberglass Replicas

If you want a remembrance of that trophy striped bass you caught, then released,
how about a fiberglass replica.

Your Trophy

If you catch a big striper, wow, that is really great. A day to remember! But if you then release the fish, after photographing it, the memories will be better and much more satisfying.

If you catch a striped bass longer than 35 inches, it is probably a female, that if left in the sea will lay millions of eggs each year when she stops by the Chesapeake Bay each spring during her spring migration. Let her keep doing it.

Let your photograph be your trophy, or instead buy a fiberglass replica of a striper of the same size that you caught. See example below.

Striped Bass Fiberglass Replica

Striped Bass Fiberglass Replica

Fiberglass replica of a 54 Inch striped bass.

If you do an internet search for striped bass fiberglass replicas, you will find numerous choices. The fiberglass replica shown above is from The Fish Mount Store. These replicas are not cheap, but then neither is a skin mount. To do a skin mount you would have had to kill the fish.

See an example of a skin mount below.

Previous World Record Striped Bass Mount

World Record Striper Mount

This two sided mount of Al McReynolds Striped Bass presently hangs in the Rod & Reel Tavern in Brigantine, NJ.

For awhile, during 2007, this same two sided mount of Al McReynolds striped bass hung in the Riptide Bait and Tackle Shop in Brigantine.

World Record Striper Mount

Brigantine is just across the Absecon inlet from Atlantic City, where this huge striper was caught off of the Vermont Avenue Jetty..

Follow this link to see: The Vermont Avenue Jetty.