Zoom Salty Super Fluke Lures
for Largemouth Bass Fishing

Zoom Salty Super Fluke

Zoom salty super fluke for largemouth bass fishing

Zoom Super Fluke in Pink and White Pearl

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About Zoom Super Fluke Lures

The Zoom Salty Super Fluke is a soft plastic swimbait very popular with bass fishermen. The Super Fluke imitates many of the baitfish that largemouth bass feed upon. It has a flexible tail that adds to its life-like action and appearance. The lure is impregnated with salt so bass tend to hold on to it long enough for a fisherman to get a good hook set.

 Rigged Zoom Super Fluke

Rigged Zoom Super Fluke
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The Super Fluke has a slot along the lower part of its body that allows it to be rigged Texas style, with most of the hook concealed in its body. With the hook point laying along the top of the body, it is essentially weedless. A good hook choice is a size 3/0 offset shank worm hook.

The Super Fluke has a tendency to spin when retrieved, so it is a good idea to add a barrel swivel a few inches ahead of the lure. The swivel adds a little weight. Thus, if you are using the lure near the surface, choose a light-weight swivel.

You can add more weight by adding a bead and an egg sinker ahead of the swivel. This converts the rig to Carolina Style, which you can cast further and will allow you to fish deeper.

 Largemouth Bass Caught On Zoom Super Spook Lure

Largemouth Bass Caught on
Zoom Super Fluke
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A good way to fish the Super Fluke is to retrieve it slowly, but once and a while give a slight twitch of your rod so that it darts and dives like a wounded, struggling baitfish.

Because of its weedless properties, the Super Fluke is great for fishing near pockets of weeds and even stumps
and sunken wood.