Topwater Lures For Largemouth Bass Fishing

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Topwater Lures for largemouth bass fishing

Top -- Heddon Tiny Torpedo Lure
Middle -- Zara Spook
Bottom -- Jitterbug

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About Topwater Lures

We do quite a lot of Largemouth Bass fishing in South Jersey, where there are lots of farms, woodlands, and especially cranberry farms. The cranberry farms have holding ponds that hold dammed freshwater. During harvest the water is used to flood the bogs where the cranberries are grown. These holding ponds are usually fairly shallow; they have areas that are full of stumps and fallen timber. They also have pockets and clumps of vegetation. Often bass are holding near such structures, and pounce on lures that are thrown close to them.

We usually throw top water lures in such places. This is an exciting way to fish. Bass have to come up from below to hit a topwater lure. You can often visually see the strike as both the bass and the lure come right out of the water with a big splash. Sometimes we also catch pickerel. A few of our favorite topwater lures are shown above. Another great topwater lure is the popper, shown at the right.

We use lightweight spinning tackle and only about 8 lb. test line, and have a blast catching bass of all sizes. A canoe is ideal for fishing such places. If a lure gets hung up on a log, or whatever, we can paddle right up to it and get it unhooked.

We take our time and enjoy the scenery. Sometimes there are ducks and even swans. We aren't in a hurry to get back for any weighins. We release all the fish we catch.