Spinnerbait Lures for Largemouth Bass Fishing

Spinnerbait Lures

Spinner Bait Lures for Largemouth Bass Fishing

Top -- Strike King White Spinnerbait
Bottom -- Yellow Spinnerbait

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About Spinnerbaits

Spinnerbaits are one of the most popular lures for catching largemouth bass. They are very versatile and can be, fished year round, and under almost any conditions and at various depths.

Larry and His Bass Caught On a Spinnerbait

Larry and his Bass
Caught on a Spinnerbait
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The fisherman shown on the right caught his huge largemouth bass while visiting friends in North Carolina using a spinnerbait lure.

Spinnerbaits were sometimes called "safety pin lures" because they have a frame like an open safety pin with two arms sticking out from a tie point. One arm contains a leadhead and a hook covered by a soft plastic or silicon string skirt. The other arm contains one or two spinner blades. Most spinnerbaits have two spinners. One is a round, spoon shaped Colorado blade optimized to make vibrations, and the second is a longer Willowleaf blade optimized to flicker and flash.

Thus, the lure attracts bass visually by flash and also by sound or vibration via a fish's lateral line. This allows them to work in both clear and murky water and even at night. Use a lure with smaller blades in shallow water and one with bigger blades in deep water.

With a spinnerbait you can cover a lot of water in a short time. The leadhead allows it to be cast far. Cast it out and after it lands give it a little jerk to get the blade spinning, then start your retrieve. Often a steady slow or medium speed retrieve works well, but also try a little stop and go to give it an erratic action like a wounded baitfish.

The lure sometimes makes a noisy splash when it hits the water after a cast. A good technique is to mark where you think the fish are, then cast well past them. Let your retrieve move the lure to where you targeted the fish.