Scum Frog Lures For Largemouth Bass Fishing

Scum Frog Lures

Scum Frog Lures for largemouth bass fishing

Top -- Yellow Scum Frog
Middle -- Black Scum Fr0g
Right -- Snag Proof Frog

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About Scum Frog Lures

Scum Frog lures are hollow soft plastic lures that are shaped to look like a frog. They have a dual hook assembly that bends around and lays along the top of their back. Thus the hook points are shielded, and the lure is essentially weedless.

Largemouth Bass Caught in Scum

Bass Caught In
Lake Scum

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Many smaller lakes have shallow sections where vegetation collects into mats and lily pads grow and muck collects. Frogs inhabit these types vegetation, and bass look for them there. Scum Frogs, which imitate frogs and have a weedless design, are the lures to use in these scummy places.

The bass shown on the right was caught in a scummy section of a lake.

Scum Frog lures can easily slide across mats of weeds and lilly pads without snagging, and when they slide into some clear water, they often find a bass waiting for them there.

In the scum, retrieve with short strokes, with pauses between.

When a bass hits a scum frog lure, it compresses the hollow body, and exposes the hook points. Then set your hook. Don't do it too early.