Jigs For Largemouth Bass Fishing

Football and Finesse Jigs

Football Jigs for largemouth bass fishing

Top Left --Football Jig, BOOYAH Jig-Gunner Craw
Top Right -- Finesse Jigg, Strike King Bitsy Bug
Bottom Left -- Large Zoom Salty Chunk Trailer
Bottom Right -- Small Zoom Salty Chunk Trailer

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About Bass Jigs

Football Jigs get their name from their shape, as the Jig's head is shaped like a football. Most have bushy skirts that bloom out and cover the hook.

Jigs with smaller profile heads are often called Finesse Jigs.

The jigs have a weedless head design with the line tie on the bottom of the head so that the hook bend, rather than the hook point, would scrape along the bottom as the lure is retrieved. This is similar to the Clouser Minnow fly design. This helps prevent the lure from snagging as it is dragged along a rough, or rocky bottom and also minimizes wear on the line near the tie.

Bass Jigs are intended to imitate crawfish, lizards, grubs and other creatures that make the bottom home. They are especially good when the water is cold, and baitfish may not be plentiful. Then the bass are still hungry and root along the bottom looking for a meal.

They should be fished in a relatively snag free area, as it is best to try to maintain contact with the bottom on your retrieve. This kicks up mud and sand that can get a hungry bass' attention.

 Largemouth Bass Caught on Finess Jig

Bass Caught on Jig
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A good technique is to cast the jig out and let it drop to the bottom, then wait a few seconds before starting your retrieve. Start the retrieve with a little jiggle, then start a slow steady crawling type retrieve. However, also try a stop-and-go retrieve.

Although the Jig unadorned will catch many bass, we often add a soft plastic trailer on the hook. A favorite is the "Zoom Super Salty Chunk," shown in the image above. The bass shown on the right was caught with a Bitsy Bug jig with a Zoom Super Salty Chunk trailer on the hook.

Professional Bass fisherman, Mike Iaconelli, caught some of his baas when he won the Delaware River Bassmaster Elite Series Tournament on a Finesse Jig.