Crankbaits For Largemouth Bass Fishing


Crank Baits for largemouth bass fishing

Top Left -- Short Lip Crank Bait Lure
Top Right -- Crank Bait With Longer Lip to Dig Deeper
Bottom Left -- Strike King KVD 1.5 Square Bill Crank Bait Lure
Bottom Right -- Rapala Scatter Rap Crank Bait With Internal Rattle

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About Crankbait Lures

Crankbaits have a lip that causes the lure to dive, and wobble, as the lure is cranked in after the cast. There are various types and styles of crankbaits, and professional fishermen carry a wide range of them as they fish tournaments. They know which ones work best in different situations. A few types and styles of crankbaits are shown above and described below.

The Short Lip crankbait has a small rounded lip. It dives only a small amount when cranked; maybe only 3 or 4 feet deep. Its lip is not very strong and not built to take a beating.

The Long Lip crankbait has a longer and maybe wider lip, and may reach a depth of 9 feet or more when cranked.

The SquareBill crankbait also has a short lip. However, it is a ruggedly-built lure with a wider and stronger square lip that can resist breaking if cast up against logs or even rocks. Fishermen target bass that may be hanging by logs, stumps and other cover or structure in order to ambush prey. The fishermen purposely cast at, and hit a log or whatever. As the lure bounces off the log and into the water, often a bass will strike. The SquareBill crankbait is built to withstand such rough use. Still, many times a lure may be snaged, broken or lost when fished this way. Fishermen using SquareBill crankbaits are willing to accept such losses to catch more and bigger bass.

Some crankbaits, like the Scatter Rap shown above have internal bbs or beads that make the lure vibrate and emit a rattling sound. These sounds and vibrations can be picked up by a fishs' lateral line so that the bass can home on the lure imitating bait. Crankbaits with rattles are used when the water is stained or murky and visibility is poor.

 Rapala Shad Rap Crank Bait

Rapala Shad Rap
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Rapala Shad Rap

The Rapala Shad Rap shown on the right is the most popular crankbait, and is responsible for more fishing tournament wins than any other hard bait. The Shad Rap comes in numerous sizes and bill lengths. It does not have a rattle.

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