Artificial Saltwater Fishing Baits

Berkley Gulp and Fishbites

Berkley Gulp and Fishbites Synthetic Fishing Baits

Examples of artificial baits -- Berkley Gulp and Fishbites. These come in many versions. Many fishermen have had good luck with them fishing for stripers, and also fluke.

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About Artificial Baits

Berkley Gulp Artificial Baits have turned the fishing bait industry on its head. These scented soft plastic baits ooze scent into the water that attracts fish.

Real Bloodworms

Real Bloodworms

Artificial Berkley Gulp Bloodworms

Berkley Gulp
"Bloody Sandworms"

In the spring, bloodworms are the bait of choice to catch the first striped bass of the season. But bloodworms are sometimes hard to find. Bait and tackle shops don't always have them; and when they do they are very expensive. Berkley Gulp and Fishbites have provided us with an alternative: artificial baits. These artificial baits slowly decompose in water, releasing a scent that is claimed to be stronger than the real thing. Artificial Gulp "Bloody" Sandworms are shown on the right.

Many fishermen claim that these artificial baits work as-good-as, or better than, real bait.

Berkley Gulp now comes in many other versions besides bloodworms. They have clams, various baitfish, and sand eels. To see some Berkley Gulp baitfish imitations, follow this link:
Berkley Gulp Baitfish Imitations