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Mushmouth Flies

Mushmouth Saltwater Fishing Flies

Mushmouth flies are popular saltwater flies for striped bass fishing. They are tied with all synthetic materials but utilize a special technique developed by Dave Skok that gives them somewhat of a stiff backbone that prevents fouling.

About Mushmouth Flies

Mushmouth flies are tied with synthetic materials. Many saltwater flies today are tied with an array of synthetic materials that allow us to achieve effects only dreamed about in the old days. Angel Hair is one such material. Two properties that make it inherently productive are its ability to flow naturally and its translucency. The combination of motion and color creates subtle hues that add realism. The flies look very much like the fish's natural forage.

Dave Skok

Dave Skok

One problem with tying flies with Angel hair is that Angel hair is rather soft and pliable and has a tendency to wrap around the hook during the cast. This is known as fouling. To combat this problem, David Skok developed the technique of first tying a small bundle of Super Hair along the hook shank. He then coats the Super Sair with Softex which is a glue. The Angel hair belly and back materials are tied around the super hair before the glue is completely dried. The combination, when dry, is a little stiff and won't wrap around the hook and foul. Much of the Angel Hair is still soft and flexible and provides good movement in the water.

Besides Angel Hair, Dave often uses Slinky Fibre and Steve Ferrar blends.

Mushmouth saltwater fishing fly

Mushmouth Fly
On The Vise

David Skok ties a variety of saltwater flies, most using his unique way of tying flies with synthetic materials

Dave also specializes in Fly Fishing photography. He is a popular presenter and lecturer at fishing club meetings and fishing shows.

If you are going to fly fish for striped bass, make sure you have some Mushmouth Flies.