High-Tie Peanut Bunker Fly

Steve Farrar Bunker Saltwater Fishing Fly

This Peanut Bunker fly tied by Steve Farrar is a full bodied fly that provides the silhouette of a Peanut Bunker baitfish.

About The Peanut Bunker Fly

The High-Tie Peanut Bunker fly is tied on a short shank hook, which is bent slightly to make the shank even shorter, and the hook wider. The wider hook acts like a keel and helps the fly track properly, while the shorter shank minimizes fouling.

The kinky synthetic streamer hair body material provides some stiffness, while the angel hair provides movement and flash.

Steve mixes the kinky hair and angel hair in a blend of three parts angel hair to one part kinky hair. Unique hair can be substituted for kinky hair. You can mix this blend yourself, or you can purchase it all ready mixed from Feather-Craft.

Detailed fly tying instructions for this bunker fly are provided on the Atlantic Saltwater Fly Rodders fishing club website. A link to that website is provided on this sites striper links page.