Beach Buggies

This section provides some information on using beach buggies for surf fishing.

Fishing Right at the Waters Edge

Beach Buggy

Beach Buggy

Beach Buggy

What you drive.

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The Beach

What you drive on.

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If you are lucky, your favorite fishing beach allows beach buggies. The advantage is that you can drive right up to the edge of the water. You can also move quickly if you see action developing further up or down the beach.
Bring your binoculars.

Beach Buggy Requirements

The most important thing is that your buggy has four wheel drive.
Many buggies are equipped with rod racks and some even coolers.
If the sand is soft on the beach on which you will be driving, let some air out of your tires, even down to 15 psi.

Some of the things you need for driving on a beach are listed below. Some of these are often required before Municipalities will issue a pass that permits you to drive your vehicle on the beach.

  • Air gauge
  • Full-size spare tire
  • Shovel
  • Jack
  • Wide board to act as a jack base on the sand
  • Towing rope or belt
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Flashlight
  • First Aid Kit
  • Cell phone with emergency phone numbers
  • Litter or trash bag(s)

I also carry a portable battery with built in jumpers, that also includes an air pump.

If you leave your back hatch open while on the beach, find away to turn off your dome light. Don't run your battery down.

After leaving the beach, always rinse your truck off with freshwater, including the undercarriage. Salt is very corrosive.
At least once a month take your truck
through a carwash for a good cleaning.

Beach Etiquette

Avoid fast driving on the beach. Be careful not to harm birds or other wildlife. Respect the rights of property owners, bathers, and others using the beach. Don't litter. The unspoiled beaches of the seashore area afford pleasure to everyone, and it is incumbent upon each of us to help preserve this natural heritage.

Beach Buggy Associations

More information about beach buggies, and using them on the beach can be found through the different beach buggy associations. Links to the Long Island Beach Buggy Association, the New Jersey Beach Buggy Association and the North Carolina Beach Buggy Association are provided on the Striper Links page.

Island Beach Sate Park

A good example of a beach where surf fishermen drive beach buggies, is Island Beach State Park, in NJ.

Link to more about: Island Beach State Park.