Striped Bass Fishing Videos on YouTube

This page provides a link to the "YouTube" website - striped bass fishing section, where you can watch various videos of striped bass fishing that were uploaded by fishermen.

YouTube - Striped Bass Fishing Videos

The image on the right is a link to "YouTube" Videos about striped bass fishing. There are numerous videos to choose from. Most are short, for example 2 minutes. The ones with the most stars are the best. Watch them and enjoy.
You can also add your vote. Which
ones do you think are best?

Favorite Videos

Five of our favorite YouTube Striped Bass Fishing videos can be watched using the links below.

6 year old Sam Adams Catches a 41 Pound Striper

Surfcasters Journal 2010 Year in Review

Montauk with Dixon & Popovics

Montauk on the rocks

Famous and Awesome Blitzes from ISBP by Bob Popovics

Instructional Fishing Videos

Links to some interesting YouTube instructional videos are shown below.

Link to YouTube videos on how to surfcast.
- How to surfcast

Link to YouTube videos on how to fillet a striped bass.
- How to filet a striped bass

Link to YouTube videos on how to throw a cast net.
- YouTube Cast Net Videos.

Link to YouTube videos on how to tie fishing knots.
- YouTube Fishing Knot Videos.

YouTube also has videos on fly tying. Here is a link to: YouTube Fly Tying Videos.