Rapala Minnow Lures ForLargemouth Bass Fishing

Rapala Minnow Lures

Jerkbait lures for largemouth bass fishing

Top -- Rapala Original Floating Minnow
Middle -- Rapala Fire Tiger Minnow Lure
Bottom -- Rapala Suspending Minnow Lure

About Rapala Minnow Lures

In the past, we would fish for largemouth bass with live minnows. A live minnow fished under a slip bobber was the way. However, sometimes the bass would swallow the minnow, and often the fish was injured while removing the hook. We gave up fishing this way because we always release the bass we catch, and we want to release them uninjured. Nowadays we mainly fish with lures.

If we don't use live minnows, the Rapala Minnow Lure is is an excellent imitation of the real thing.

 Largemouth Bass Caught On a Rapala Minnow Lure

Largemouth Bass Caught
on a Rapala Minnow Lure
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The floating minnow lure is great if the fish are feeding on or near the surface. It has a small lower lip plate that lets it dive at most to 5 feet when retrieved. Also, if you pause or stop the retrieve, it pops back up to the surface. Still many bass are caught with this lure, including the one shown on the right.

Sometimes the fish are deeper. Thus, for years fishermen have tried to make the floating minnow heavier. For example, some have drilled holes in the wood body and filled them with lead. However, this often spoiled the action. Now Rapala has come out with suspending versions. These will dive deeper, and when you pause or stop your retrieve, they will suspend and stay at that depth. Many bass are caught with this lure as it is paused during a retrieve.

 Largemouth Bass Caught On a Rapala Minnow Lure

Sunfish Caught on a
Rapala Minnow Lure
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When fishing for Bass we sometimes catch a sunfish on the lures intended for Bass. Often, the sunfish are not much larger than the lure.

Professional Bass fisherman, Mike Iaconelli, caught his first largemouth bass at the age of 12 on a Rapala Floating Minnow lure.